Accurate & Honest Pricing

Valuing a property is not an exact science, it’s far more difficult than that. To do it well is a real art. It takes experience, knowledge and a certain degree of intuition.

Our Valuers not only know Liverpool inside out, they know property and they know people.

For every one of the many homes they are invited to value, they have to take into account every aspect of the property itself, every positive and negative element of the surrounding area, every fluctuation in the housing market and each individual reason for renting your property.

Some agents look to suggest the highest price in order to win the instruction, only then to reduce it a couple of weeks later. We just keep it plain and simple for you using accurate comparable evidence of the local market activity and crucially the length of time each property spends on the market.

Only then do you have a clear picture of an honest and accurate value in order to maximise your property’s appeal to professional tenants.

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