Accurate & honest pricing

Valuing a property is not an exact science, it’s far more difficult than that.  To do it well is a real art.  It takes experience, knowledge and a certain degree of intuition.

Our Valuers not only know the area inside out, they know property and they know people.

For every one of the many homes they are invited to value, they have to take into account every aspect of the property itself, every positive and negative element of the surrounding area, every fluctuation in the housing market and each individual reason for selling.

Sometimes what they tell people about the value of their property will be good news, sometimes bad, but they will always be as accurate and honest as possible because, ultimately, our ability to sell that property depends on it.

If they undervalue you could choose another agent who gave you a higher price, if they overvalue you could move to another agent due to lack of interest.  Whichever way you look at it, giving you the truth about its value is the only way we will be able to sell your house for you.