Bank vs Broker


Going direct to Banks and Building Societies means that the information you’re provided with only relates to that 1 lender. They can only offer their own ‘home brand’ products and cannot advise you on which mortgage would best suit your needs from the whole of market (500+ lenders)

A mortgage advisor (broker) works with many lenders and a vast range of products, spending time pinpointing exactly the right mortgage for you and finding the best rates for your circumstances.

Brokers can therefore claim a huge advantage over lenders which could result in saving you money.

The wrong choice of mortgage could lose you many £1000s over the years. Why not contact our team of independent brokers on 0151 230 5580 for a free no obligation chat to see if they could save you money.

Mortgage application

Mortgage application 1

(e.g. £30,000)

Mortgage application 2

(e.g. £30,000)

Mortgage details

(e.g. £140,000)
(e.g. £120,000)
(min 5 years, max 40 years)