Sales progression

Move Residential are the only estate agent in the North West with a 100% dedicated Sales Progression Team and it you’re asking ‘What’s one of those?’, lets put it this way:

If you wanted someone to make sure your car ran smoothly would you ask a car sales man or a mechanic to look at it? Of course they both know a lot about cars but their areas of expertise are very different.  It’s the same with properties.

We want your house sale or purchase to run as smoothly as possible and we want our Sales Negotiators to focus on their area of expertise, selling, so we have a team of 3 Sales Progressors whose sole focus is to handle the sale from the initial offer being accepted to the day the keys are handed over.

While our Sales Team move on to tying up the next deal, the Sales Progression Team will deal with the surveyors, mortgage companies and solicitors, keep both parties fully informed and updated every step of the way and ensure the whole process is as stress free as possible.

Meanwhile Sales Negotiators at other agents are missing opportunities because their heads are stuck under the bonnet of the last sale!